Shipping Policy

1. After the buyer pays, it will be shipped within 7 days. In case of irresistible factors, such as: natural disasters, epidemic control and other factors, the seller is not responsible. If the item has already been shipped, no reason-free refunds are supported.
a) Transportation method: The order amount is more than 10 US dollars, and the whole process of logistics tracking is used for delivery. The channels are 4PX Logistics, Quartet Logistics, Yuntu Logistics, etc. If it is a buyer from the United States and there is stock in overseas warehouses, it will also be Shipping by UPS, USPS, etc., to shorten the shipping time.
b) Shipping time: Singapore/US shipping usually takes 2-15 days to arrive, and European shipping time such as UK and France within 15 days. Other countries will be delivered within 25 days, please consult customer service for specific shipping time. Logistics and other transportation times are subject to the time of the logistics service provider. Due to the impact of the epidemic, there may be delays in some areas. Please wait patiently.

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