We Only Sell Advantageous Products. Through Years of experience on E-commerce, we are now among the best in the 3 categories of products we selling.

Our Story

There have been many customers talked to us wishing us to have more products to sell and promised us they would certainly buy XX products if we list them. But sorry, we wouldn’t list products that we do not have absoult advantage over other online stores. The 3 product categories we have now are either we have been doing for long time to build up deep relationship with manufacturers or we have personal  connections with their owners. From quality to price we all have unbeatable advantages over others. We may add more categories in future, but it would take long time for us to be in love with another product like those 3 we have now.

They have the Best Price in Instax cameras. Have been keep buying supplies from them for over a year!
Emily Evergreen
United Kindom
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